WILD DIGITAL : Startup Disruptor Arena

We are excited to have these speakers join us on the main stage this year! These startups have been exclusively selected to showcase their businesses in the Startup Disruptor Arena. They have demonstrated disruption through innovative business models and amazing new technologies.

These startups are also in the running for the “Startup Disruptor of the Year” award, who will be chosen by an illustrious panel of the region’s key tech leaders and investors.

Visit Startup Disruptor Arena for more information.


WILD DIGITAL is a platform created for key Internet leaders to come together and share their bold and wild visions for building great disruptive companies.

Attended by leading tech CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, senior executives and investors from around the world, WILD DIGITAL provides unprecedented networking opportunities. Come explore the trends shaping the industry and region, and discuss strategies for building billion dollar businesses in this space.

Visit www.wilddigital.com for more information.


About TSA

TSA (Total Sports Asia) is a leading independent sports marketing agency with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing. Stadium Consulting, sponsorship/licensing, events management, Media Rights, Digital Media are its core business activities.

Visit www.totalsportsasia.com for more information.



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