Spartan Race to be the main attraction for National Sports Day


PUTRAJAYA: Spartan “warriors” are all set to invade Malaysian soil.

Come Oct 10, these “warriors” will be part of the attraction at the first-ever Reebok Spartan Race in conjunction with the inaugural National Sports Day.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin launched the world-class obstacle race to mark the 100-day countdown to the eagerly-awaited National Sports Day.

“The Reebok Spartan Race will be one of the iconic events to anchor the National Sports Day. The race is expected to draw a whopping 15,000 participants,” said Khairy.

“It’s the global leader in the sport of obstacle racing and we’re happy that it will be hosted here for the first time in the South-East Asian region.”

There are three different race formats – the Spartan Sprint (6km-7km, 22 obstacles); the Spartan Super (12km, 30 obstacles) and Spartan Beast (21km, 40 obstacles).

“We encourage our local fitness and endurance enthusiasts to participate in this event. It’s in line with our vision to transform Malaysia into a sporting nation … we want to rip people off their couches!” said Khairy, who expects three million Malaysians to be involved in some form of sporting activities during the National Sports Day, which is scheduled to be an annual event that takes place on the second Saturday of every October.

“The National Sports Day will be filled with a slew of physical and recreational activities to cater to all walks of like. We will have events at national level, like the Spartan Race, to smaller events in the villages, districts and states.”

Registration for the race is open. For more information, log on to

Link to the original Spartan Race article here


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