Teams make TSA’s Sponsors proud

While Sri Lanka battled the West Indies for a spot in the FINAL of the ICC World Twenty 20 tournament in Bangladesh, TSA executives together with our Sponsors were watching proudly from the terrace. As much as it was about these two teams there was also plenty of pride at stake for Homestead (Sri Lanka) and Confident Group (West Indies). Both teams have a Team Sponsorship from the respective companies on their jerseys which were sourced and brokered by TSA.

Marcus Luer , Group CEO , said “this is a proud moment for us as a company having two teams in the Semi-final of the T20 World Cup which are sponsored by our clients. Off course we were hoping they would meet in the final but this is already a huge achievement. We congratulate both our teams and our sponsors and thank them for believing in us and allowing us to support their efforts. ”

About TSA (Total Sports Asia)
TSA (Total Sports Asia) is a global leader in sports content and branding solutions with a dedicated team of over 100 sports marketing experts and seven offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta, Mumbai, Delhi ,Bangalore, Bangkok & London . Media rights distribution, TV production, sponsorship/licensing, events management, branded real estate and consulting are its core business activities. Visit for more information.


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