Dinos Come Alive for Students from Myanmar

 Kuala Lumpur –It was a day to remember for a group of Myanmar refugee students who visited the Dinos Alive exhibit at the National Science Center recently.

The event was sponsored by leading sports marketing agency Total Sports Asia which sponsored 100 students from ages four to 12 years. The children found the trip to pre-historic times so lifelike that some of the younger ones had to be reassured that the dinosaurs were not real with the loud sounds that were emanating from them.

It was a memorable experience for the students as many of them did not know about dinosaurs and never learned about them back home in Myanmar. They were amazed by the various species of dinosaurs and learned many new facts about them at the exhibit.

  “It was interesting to see the children awed by something we probably take for granted. They didn’t have the privilege of growing up with stories of dinosaurs or even owning dinosaur toys. This exhibit has opened up a whole new world for them,” said Belle Lee, a volunteer teacher at the school.

Most refugee children in Malaysia attend informal schools across the city which are recognised by UNHCR and supported by private groups and individuals. Dinos Alive will be held at the National Science Center until May 31. Ticket prices for adults are RM10, kids below 17 years are RM5, Students with student IDs are RM5 and the family package cost RM 25 (2 adults + 2 kids). Pusat Sains Negara is located in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

About Dinos Alive

Dinos Alive is a joint venture between Total Sports Asia and Pusat Sains Negara and is supported by the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation. The Dinos Alive tour is sponsored by CIMB Group Holdings Berhad. The exhibition is in Kuala Lumpur for the first time after successful stints in Thailand, Indonesia and the Phillippines. It is open from 9am to 5 pm daily. 


About Total Sports Asia

Total Sports Asia (TSA) is Asia’s leading independent sports marketing agency and content distributor with a dedicated team of over 80 sports marketing experts and four offices in Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Mumbai and Delhi. Our core business is media rights distribution, TV production, sponsorship/licensing, events management and consulting.

TSA is recognized as Asia’s specialist in personalized sports & entertainment solutions. For more information please visit www.totalsportsasia.com


Contact Information:

Jasmime K. Darshan

Marketing Communications Manager

Total Sports Asia, Malaysia

Tel:+603 7660 9661


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