Total Sports Asia and Everton Strike a Mobile Deal in India

“Sports marketing specialist helps English Premier League side Everton Football Club secure a mobile content deal with Indiatimes.”

English Premier League Football Club Everton has struck a lucrative mobile phone deal in India to meet the needs of an emerging fan base across Asia.

The new contract with Indiatimes has been agreed via the Club’s licensed mobile content provider in Asia, Total Sport Asia (TSA). Indian Blues will now be able to download, via web and WAP sites, Everton ringtones, wallpapers and videos of their favourite players straight to their mobile devices.

Everton is the first Premier League football club to partner with Indiatimes, which is the most popular internet and mobile service in India.

The Club’s popularity across Asia continues to grow thanks to Everton’s strong links with main partner Chang, who are based in Thailand.

Mark Rowan, Head of Media and Communications at Everton, said: “The Everton fan base is going from strength to strength across Asia and it is vital we reach as fans many as possible using a range of media platforms and mobile media is just one extension of the services we provide to communicate with our supporters across the world.”

Julian Jackson, Senior VP of Media at Total Sports Asia, said, “We are very pleased to conclude this deal in India and for Everton, as it gives them the chance to reach out to the millions of English Premier League Fans, that many other clubs have not had yet. Everton’s professionalism has once gain impressed us and is what made the deal possible.”

TSA is licensed to distribute official Everton mobile content throughout Asia with the exception of China.


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